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Who are we?Magic Kids

Before anything else as parents, our goal at Magic Kids which is established in 2010 is raising happy and confident children with loving and respectful discipline understanding in a fun learning environment. We are aiming to prepare our children for life with our experienced staff and offering an educational programme that cares about individual differences, and the materials that appeal children’s five senses. Security and health are the other prior issues for us. We have all kinds of security measures taken in our school which we create spaces for our children to have fun in the first place. Because we believe that “Children who are feel loved, are happy and amused are more willing to learn.”


Magic Kids Services

Health Service

There is a full-time nurse in our school that provides direct care to students. The school nurse provides care for injuries and acut illness for all students and long-term management of students with special health care needs.

Our Shuttle-Service
  • There is a bus driver and a theacher in a shuttle.
  • Each seat has a seat belt for kids.
  • Busing is available every morning, afternoon and evening. Contact our school about service hours.
  • Cleaning of the classrooms and common fields is made daily by cleaning staff.
  • The classrooms are cleaned and ventilated especially when children are not in classrooms.
  • Toilets are frequently cleaned.
  • General cleaning (toy-carpet washing etc.) is made on weekends.
  • Meals are made in our kitchen by our cook.
  • The dietitian we consult for is preparing a food list every month. These lists are also given to you each month.
  • There are three meals.
    1. Breakfast 9.00
      Lunch 12.00
      Mid-afternoon snack 15.00
  • Meat and dairy products are provided from reliable brands.
  • Vegetables and fruit are picked from the district market.
  • Canned foods for winter are made by our cook.
  • Premade foods and drinks are not used.
Guidance and Councelling
  • Family councelling.
  • Pediatric development follow up.
  • Child's adaptation to school.
  • Prevention and resolution of compatibility and behavior problems
  • We provide guidance service in those areas. We have a full-time working psychologist

Magic Kids Our building

  • 1400 m² indoor, 300 m² outdoor space
  • In the NATO security standards
  • Secure area for getting on and off to school bus
  • Closed playground
  • Infirmary