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For our babies Adaptation process

Children faces new situations when they come to the kindergarten. For the new kids, there are new places, other children, and new people for them to interact. Obviously, the adaptation process to all of these might not be easy for those little guys. Because of the fact that there is variety in the ages of kindergarten babies from 5 months to 2 years, process of adaptation may differ.

First thing that should’ve done is trying to get used to the person who is going to replace the mother or the caregiver at home.

At the first meeting, getting some information about the child’s habits, interests, likes and dislikes makes easier to be familiar with the child and that has a positive effect on the process.

First couple of days, someone from home comes with the child to the kindergarten. There should not be any goodbye rehearsal between the child and the person who comes from home. This is the main rule at that time. This waiting process is about giving the child the time needed to adapt to the place. It is going to be right not having a dominant role for the person who comes from home. Parents should allow the child discover in his or her own ways and they should just be an observer. This person should be around to provide child some trust. At the end of this period, parents start moving away from the child slowly.

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Private Floor

The first floor of our building is arranged for babies. Two classrooms, one movement/crawling room, one sleeping room, toilets-shower, a kitchen just for babies and an independent area for them. Other than that babies use the school’s garden, closed playground and workshops throughout the day.

Food Service

Our babies, apart from other age groups, on their own floor have a hygenic and healthy environment. The refrigerator in baby floor kitchen is suitable for keeping milk, formula and their own private things.

Diaper Changing

There is a separate changing room in baby floor and also a diaper closet for each baby. Diaper changing is delicate ad important issue. That’s why changing of our babies is done by our group teachers.

Our Educators

We choose our teachers for baby group carefully. We know that babies have strong feelings and they would know with whom they will feel safe and happy. That’s why this groups teachers are suitable for the baby group and loving people.


One of the most worrying issues for parents is illnesses. Actually illness is everywhere. Children’s not knowing how to protect themselves is the main reason for illnesses are more common in kindergartens. We share our toys and also our illnesses.

With our full-time experienced school nurse, we keep an eye on our babies and inform the parents about the situations that we see.

According to a research in Canada, published on Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, upper respiratory tract infections are seen 60 percent more in the children who is sent to kindergarten before 2 years old than the children who is raised at home. But when it comes to the school age the situation is the exact opposite. This time children who grew up at home and got infections less is getting sick more often. This is an expected result because children’s immune systems are getting stronger with the infections they caught.

Researchers who worked on this case have arrived to the conclusion of sending kids to a kindergarten at early ages helps with minimizing the number of absence days when they start school. This interpretation is true of course but it is not complete because going to kindergarten at early ages has many important results other than that. Like, improving their social relationships, activities for hand-eye coordination, communication activities for development of the mother language.


  • 09.00-09.30  BREAKFAST

    • RESTING/NAP TIME (depends on age)
  • 11.30-12.00  LUNCH
  • 12.30-15.00  RESTING/NAP TIME

  • 17.00  DISMISSAL

P.S: We will adopt your child’s routine for 1 year old an younger babies.